One of the main advantages of The Twin Towers Complex is the availability of specially-tailored facilities that serve the medical, corporate and commercial units and its visitors.
These facilities have been researched and developed to meet the needs and expectations of unit owners making the work experience enjoyable, comfortable and convenient.
- Luxurious and elegant entrances reflecting the glamorous personality of the Complex.
- High-Speed Internet access availability.
- Satellite TV channels access availability.
- State-of-the-art Fire Fighting and Alarm System.
- Air-Conditioned buildings Entrances and Lobbies.
- Electricity generator protecting the complex during emergencies due to electricity cut-offs enabling all public areas and elevators to be operational.
- ATM machines for easy access to cash and other on-line banking services.
- Electric Escalators to facilitate access from parking areas to the complex.
- Autoclave and Waste Disposal System in every Building of the Complex.
- Coffee shops and restaurants.
- Toilets in all public areas.
- Security system guarding the complex 24/7.
- Parking space accommodating over 500 vehicles.
- Electricity-Consumption Meter for every unit.
- Supervised Children Playground Corner.
In addition to the unique facilities offered by the Twin Towers Complex, The Medical Tower offers even more facilities tailored to satisfy the needs of both doctors and their visitors.
- Online Medical Appointments Booking System (E-Booking Appointment Schedule) providing a faster and easier method for patients to schedule their medical appointments.
- Call Center.
- Doctors Service Desk acting as a "Doctors Concierge" catered to respond to doctors' requests and inquiries.
- Five elevators including one Panoramic-View Elevator exclusively dedicated for doctors.
- A Service Elevator.
- Toilets on every floor serving all waiting areas.
- Fully furnished Elegant Waiting Areas equipped with satellite TV channels broadcasted on LCD screens to keep the towers visitors entertained while waiting.
- Accessible Toilets in public areas.
- Pharmacy.
- Medical Laboratory.
- State-of-the-art X-Ray Center.
- Information Board in the Medical Tower Lobby displaying contact information of all doctors occupying the Tower.